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What your patients (and you) may want to know about I-REMOVE™

What is I-REMOVE™?

I-REMOVE™ is a clinically tested way for your patients to enhance and maintain their weight loss, a helping hand allowing them to finally break out of the weight loss/regain cycle. I–REMOVE™ contains Litramine™—a clinically tested, patented weight loss aid designed to enhance weight loss efforts when combined with a healthy lifestyle. I-REMOVE™ can help patients who are seeking to improve health by losing weight, and keeping it off.1, 2*

How does I-REMOVE™ work?

I–REMOVE™ contains Litramine™—a weight loss aid designed to enhance weight loss efforts when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Litramine™ is a patented fiber complex made from the dried leaves of prickly pear, opuntia ficus indica further enriched with soluble fiber from Acacia sp. Litramine™ is specially formulated to bind to dietary fat, forming fat-fiber complexes that are not readily absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, and are eventually excreted through the feces. Furthermore, the soluble fiber in Litramine™ expands on contact with water, inducing a feeling of fullness or satiety, thus reducing appetite, and possibly delaying the onset of hunger. I-REMOVE™ with Litramine™ is designed to bind up to 10X its weight in fat (in vitro), reduce dietary fat absorption by up to 28%, and increase satiety.1-4*

How is I-REMOVE™ different from other weight loss aids that are aimed at reducing calorie absorption from fats?

First of all, I-REMOVE™ is not a fat blocker; it is a fat binder. I-REMOVE™ contains Litramine™, a clinically researched and tested fat binder that works by employing the dual actions of fat binding for decreased fat absorption, and increasing satiety, which together result in a reduced calorie load. Additionally, as a purely “physical” fat binder, Litramine™ has no pharmacological effects, and no product-related GI side effects, such as oily spotting.1,3*

Why is I-REMOVE™ a viable option for losing weight and keeping it off?

I-REMOVE™ is clinically tested to deliver 3X the weight loss (as compared to diet alone) by preventing dietary fat absorption and increasing satiety, without any pharmacological effect or undesirable side effects. Obesogenic environments in modern societies encourage overeating and discourage physical activity, making weight loss through dietary restriction a challenge. Patients may succeed initially, but then find it hard to maintain a healthy weight, leading to a vicious cycle of weight loss and regain, (yo-yo effect). When people lose weight, it’s mostly muscle and fat, but when they regain it, it’s mostly fat. Since fat cells use less calories, their body metabolism is even slower, lowering their calories requirement, and setting them up for weight gain. Patients may also seek pharmacological interventions, but side effects (GI, cardiovascular, CNS) or lifestyle restrictions may cause them to abandon treatment and re-enter the cycle. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, I-REMOVE™ can help break that cycle of weight-loss failure for patients who are seeking to improve health by losing weight—and keeping it off.1-3,5*

Is I-REMOVE™ safe to take?

Clinical trials have demonstrated that I-REMOVE™ is well tolerated. In a 12-week study, 95.2% of patients continued taking I-REMOVE™ and did not report any GI side effects, such as oily spotting, abdominal pain, bloating, and constipation. In another 6-month study, Litramine™ was well tolerated by patients. No serious or product-related adverse events were reported, and there were no significant changes or abnormalities in clinical laboratory parameters. Over an 11-year period (2006-2017), only 0.003% (3/100,000) of patients reported any product-related health complaints. To date, 28 million packs of I-REMOVE™ have been sold worldwide.1,3*

Who should take I-REMOVE™?

I-REMOVE™ has been demonstrated to deliver results safely in patients who are overweight or slightly obese, 18 years of age and older, and who have made a decision to lose weight sustainably. In such patients, I-REMOVE™ resulted in up to 3X more weight loss than diet alone.1,3*

How should I-REMOVE™ be taken?

I-REMOVE™ can be easily incorporated into a healthy eating schedule. 2 tablets should be taken with a full glass of water, 3X per day, after each main meal—no more than 6 tablets should be taken in a day. If any flatulence or constipation occurs, patients should increase the amount of water that they are drinking.

Is there a special diet patients need to follow while taking I-REMOVE™?

No. I-REMOVE™ is part of your patient’s commitment to a healthy lifestyle, which includes healthy food choices and moving more, but there is no special diet that he/she is required to follow.

How should patients use I-REMOVE™ to maintain their weight loss?

When patients achieve their weight loss goal they should evaluate their diet and activity level to make sure that they are eating and exercising appropriately to maintain their new lower weight. Patients can restart I-REMOVE™ any time they feel they need a helping hand in maintaining their weight loss.*

How much weight can patients expect to lose with I-REMOVE™?

I-REMOVE™ is clinically tested to reduce up to 3X times the weight compared with diet alone, without any undesirable side effects. In studies done with I-REMOVE™, over 50% of overweight patients lost between 9 and 18 lbs in 12 weeks, while 73% of overweight patients lost 6 lbs or more. Over a period of 6 months, 9 out of 10 of patients in the Litramine™ group were able to maintain their initial weight loss, as compared with only 1 out of 4 patients in the group that did not get Litramine™.1,3,6*

How long can patients continue to take I-REMOVE™?

In clinical studies, I-REMOVE™ was given to patients for as long as six months. It is a nonsystemic fat binder, which does not have any undesirable side effects—so there are no known restrictions on the duration of use. Patients can continue to take I-REMOVE™ for as long as they need to in order to lose weight/maintain weight loss.*

Can I-REMOVE™ be taken by patients who are on other pharmacological treatments for diabetes, high cholesterol, or other conditions?

In general, the mode of action of I-REMOVE™ is nonsystemic, so it is not expected to have systemic interactions with other medications. However, due to I-REMOVE™’s fat binding property, patients on other fat-soluble medications and supplements for pre-existing health conditions are advised to take I-REMOVE™ 2 hours apart from other medications, to avoid reduced absorption of the fat-soluble medications. Besides, because I-REMOVE™ (as a fiber) may slow down/reduce sugar and cholesterol absorption, proper monitoring/adjustment of medications may be required. Please refer to product leaflet for detail information.3


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